Sync server reset

Bad news

Over the last year we had a lot of issues with our sync server. We’ve been a user of the Realm sync database system ever since the very beginning. Unfortunately the upgrades in versions of this server system went really fast, and having to upgrade every time has cause a lot of problems for us. The data from our users is still using an old version and it’s giving us a lot of issues. Newer databases are also effected, so we have made the decision to fully reset our database, as this is the only way to guarantee sync and speed for all our users.

What does this mean?

Starting Sunday October 8th you will need to recreate your account. You also will need to recreate your show list. This happend a couple times before, but by taking these measures we can guarantee a bit more stability

We are very sorry to have to take these steps, but hope it will have a big effect on stability.