Backup and sync option not available for new users

To my disappointment the sync service and the premium Episoder tier is suspended in new versions of Episoder.

I worked hard on this feature for a long time, and spend a of effort (and money) on hosting the service and troubleshooting any problems over the years. Unfortunately the platform I use (Realm object server) is not reliable enough for me to continue. They do keep updating their service, and now with version 3 the free self hosted version will disappear. The cost of the tier I need to run this is way too high for me to handle.  This means new versions of Episoder can not continue to include this service, the costs would be way too high for a 1 man app developer like me.

I tried my best to provide support, and when the service was down I had to deal with a lot of angry customers. Most of the time I could not do anything since the online database was not running anymore and did not want to sync with devices. I got some personal help from the Realm team and got the service back up again. It ran well for a while, but since support for the version I’m running is now stopping, this feature is suspended until I can find a replacement. I’m not sure if there ever will be.

If you just bought the in-app purchase you can ask for a refund at Apple, by logging in to iTunes and your account. If you have any good idea’s on how to make a premium package for Episoder worth it to replace this service, please let me know!